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The main problem of disabled persons and aged people is a reduced mobility and as a consequence their social adaptation. Our model of the robotic wheelchair helps to solve these problems. Due to innovative constructive algorithm we were able to combine all the functions necessary for mobility of disabled persons and aged people. The given model provides a possibility to move in outer and inner spaces, to change the positions while movement depending from the locations or rooms; to move upstairs and downstairs using wheelchair rails on stairs, without side assistance; allows a person with any kind of disability to take a vertical position and communicate on the same level with people who stay; to use all the services for non-disabled people – which is very important for a person with disability. When necessary the wheelchair allows taking a horizontal position. .

As of today nobody offered such a conceptual solution allowing to combine all the functions in one model; none of the companies, which produce the means of transport for disabled persons and aged people, could present and/or manufacture something similar. There are offers for maximum 3 functions, in our model there are minimum 10 of them and this is not a limit, because the wheelchair is able to adapt for any tasks.

The customers are disabled persons and aged people.


If you would like to invest into this product, or purchase it, please, call or write to us.

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